This Introduction Technique Can Make People Read What You Write

A foolproof framework for great introductions.

Eva Keiffenheim


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If you write bad introductions, all of your writing time is wasted.

People clicked on your article because you’ve written a great headline. But if you disappoint them with a lengthy beginning, they’ll never return for more. Instead, they’ll remember that your articles don’t deliver on your catchy headlines.

And the worst thing is that it won’t matter whether your main content is excellent.

You can be the most helpful writer with an engaging story. You can say the wisest words and give the best advice. But if your introduction sucks, nobody will read the rest.

Many writers don’t get the intros right. They ramble around life stories, unrelated facts, and unnecessary anecdotes until the reader is finally gone.

But writing a bulletproof introduction isn’t rocket science.

Copywriters created an effective tool to hook readers into an article. The PAS technique will help you write introductions that make people read your writing. And return for more.

In this article, we’ll look at the three parts of excellent introductions so you can replicate the process and make people read everything you write.

1) Porblem— Be very clear about the problem

Readers click on your article because they want you to solve one of their problems. They turn to you for advice, inspiration, or guidance. They won’t waste time reading your work if they don’t get what they want.

To be respectful of your reader’s time, start with their problem in mind.

The better you describe the problem, the more you can show that you understand it. And that’s how you can quickly build trust with your readers.

You don’t only assume the problem of your readers; you exactly know it. As if you’ve been reading their mind and saying: I know you have a problem, and I’m here to help you.

See how I started this article:

“If you write bad introductions, all of your writing time is wasted.”



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