The 51-Minute Editing Framework to Feel Confident When Publishing Your Articles

A clear blueprint to improve your writing.

Eva Keiffenheim
8 min readAug 1, 2022
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Have you ever spent hours editing your article, wondering when it’s finally good enough?

Most writers forget the opportunity cost of editing. The more time you spend editing your article, the later you start writing a new one.

I used to try to make my work perfect. I spent 10+ hours editing. In the end, I had an average article with a few hundred views. With that time, I could’ve written at least three new articles.

You can think of every new article you publish as a lottery ticket. The more you have, the more chance you have to go viral or semi-viral with some of them. And this matters because you need more exposure if you want to build an audience.

Fast way forward, and I have a structure that helps me know my articles are “good enough” within 51 minutes. I follow these exact steps to edit my articles, and when I’m done, I hit publish.

My work will never be perfect. But it’s good, and I can publish more.

Here’s my bulletproof editing process you can follow to save hours of work.

1. You’ll need to pay attention to this (1 min)



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