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How to Get Out Of Your Head in Under Five Minutes

A quick guide to shaking your body for energy circulation

Shaking is a powerful tool to move from your head inside your body. This technique can help when feeling frustrated and powerless. Shaking your body is free of cost and easy to do. Here’s how.

How to know that it’s time to shake?

The first step is to recognize that your energy is captured in your head. As each body is individual, those signals feel different for everyone. Common signs for head-centeredness include:

  • A feeling of tension in the face area
  • Shallow breathing
  • Thinking feels heavy; thoughts appear ponderousness
  • Unawareness of physical sensations

For me, wrinkles at my forehead, tongue against the gum, and worrying thoughts signal that my energy is not moving through my body.

Once you have identified that your energy is not circulating, it’s time to shake.

Shaking Preparation in 3 steps

Once you have identified your head-centeredness, prepare yourself for shaking. The first step is to create the feeling of being alone with nobody watching. Take off your glasses. Turn away from any mirror. Close the curtains. Dim the light. Ask your flatmates or family members not to disturb you during the next minutes.

Your second job is to feel good in your body. Perceive your physical needs. If your thirsty, drink a glass of water. If you need to pee, go to the toilet. Get out of tight clothes. Put on your comfy panties or, if room temperature allows, get naked.

Thirdly, put on your favorite tune. Wireless headphones or loudspeakers work best, as both hands should be free. Select your power song. The stronger the beat, the more gripping the guitar solo, and the fewer the lyrics, the better. You do not want to start thinking about the words.

Here are my three favorite shaking songs:

Ready, Set, SHAKE

Commit to shaking one entire song, turn up the volume and press play. You are all set and ready to rock.

Close your eyes.

Start moving your hands as if you are waving to an old friend far away.

Continue with your entire arms.

Let them move loosely around your torso.

Start whipping with your feet.

Bend your knees slightly.

Continue whipping and shaking until your entire body is moving (Need visual input? Here is an example video).

Thoughts will cross your mind. Let them pass. You are wondering how you look like? It does not matter. Let this thought move on. Continue shaking. You are wondering whether you are shaking correctly? Let it go. As long as you are shaking, there is no doing wrong. Focus on your body. Leave your eyes shut. Feel the movement. Be the movement. Continue shaking. Feel how the energy moves from your head inside your body. Enjoy the movement.

Try it out. Now.

You can do it. Choose one song. Close your eyes. Now or never.

By shaking, you will have a powerful tool to move from your head inside your body in under five minutes.

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