How I Built a Six-Figure Business on the Back of Writing Online

Creating my dream job while working four hours a day.

Eva Keiffenheim
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Speaking at LEAP23 in Riyadh (credits: Mohammad Al-Suraye)

Many online creators complain about how hard it is to make a living from writing online. But if you take a more strategic approach, it can become easier.

Back in 2020, I had a couple of +$5,000 months on this platform, primarily through shallow buzzword articles like this one:

Source: screenshot by the author

This article took me a bit under three hours to write.

Money printing, huh?

But the truth is most earnings from my articles on Medium look like the one below, or even worse.

Source: Screenshot by the author

If I had relied on making a living through this platform alone, I could have never made a living as a solopreneur.

In this story, I share how I built a six-figure business on the back of writing and what you can apply to your journey.

Master These Two Areas to Unlock the Rest

If you want to build a sustainable online business on the back of writing, there are two areas you want to pay attention to — learn how to write articles people want to read and become a subject expert.

Write articles people actually want to read

When you start writing online, you have no clue what you need to do so that people read your work. Many new writers start with an illusion of superiority. They expect their first article to be a hit (including me back in April 2020).

New writers know so little they fail to see what they don’t know. It’s not as simple as having an idea, writing it down, publishing it, and watching it reach millions of readers.

Moving from idea generation to a well-articulated article requires multiple sub-skills you must master. For example, idea generation and selection; headline, hook, and…



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